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Wood-Ridge Lions Club 26th Annual Beefsteak


Wood-Ridge Lions Club 26th Annual Beefsteak

The Wood-Ridge Lions Club celebrated its 26th Annual Beefsteak Sports Night on Friday, February 4th at the Three Saints Russian Orthodox Cultural Center in Garfield.

This year’s event raised $26,323, which brings to total over $374,000 raised at this single event since its 1985 inception. The monies raised help support charities for the blind and visually impaired, as well as for community needs. Also, three sizeable scholarships are annually presented to graduating high school seniors. One of the highlights of this year’s event was the presentation of a check to Captain Paul Goscinski of the Wood-Ridge Police Department for the purchase of a protective vest.

Approximately 600 hearty eaters attended the February 4th event, enjoying an evening of good food and fun and games. The Grand Prize of the night was a 7-day Cruise, but there were plenty of other prizes and some “klinkers” to be handed out. Prizes included a large screen TV with Blu-Ray, an iPad, an expensive watch, Yankee tickets, Devils tickets, and signed Sports Memorabilia items. Emcee Jack Nagel held court with his special version of “Let’s Make A Deal”, where some would-be winners’ hopes quickly faded as their chosen box contained a whiffle ball and the traditional accompanying T-Shirt declaring “I’ve Been Hosed”. Those picking the prize boxes went home happy with game tickets or dinners for two or some extra money in their pockets. The Football Toss and Super Bowl Trivia were earlier games of interest and challenge, just adding to the fun of the evening.

The Wood-Ridge Lions Club, currently with 50 members, supports the following blind charities – Concord House at St. Joseph’s School for the Blind, NJ Camp for the Blind (Camp Marcella), Foundation For Fighting Blindness, and the NJ Blind Citizens Association (Camp Happiness). The Club also supports the Lions Eye Bank of NJ, Hoehne Fienman Center for Retarded Citizens (ARC), Special Olympics, DARE, and Juvenile Diabetes.

The Club also donates annually to the Wood-Ridge Public Library, sponsors a Little League team and each Thanksgiving donates food baskets to the less fortunate, as well as collecting eyeglasses for recycling to Third World countries. The Wood-Ridge Lions Club is proud to live up to the motto, “We Serve”. Story by Dennis Brubaker.