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NJ Lions Charitable Foundation Clarification

March 17, 2017

Dear Lions of New Jersey:

Today, I was made aware of a solicitation that was sent to all of the Club Presidents in Multiple District 16. Apparently the organization sending the solicitation was called the “NJ Lions Charitable Foundation”. Please be advised that the organization using that name was never authorized by any NJ Lions Council of Governors to use the name “NJ Lions Charitable Foundation”. To use that name gives the impression that the organization represents a charitable foundation for the entire state of New Jersey. That is not the case. This Foundation, soliciting your support, is in fact, the former District 16E Charitable Foundation.

The Council of Governors will be investigating the unauthorized use of the NJ Lions name.

Prior to redistricting, the 5 subdistricts in NJ (16A, 16B, 16C, 16D, and 16E), had  5 separate subdistrict foundations. Apparently, when Multiple District 16 reorganized into 3 Subdistricts, the 16E Lions Charitable Foundation decided to either operate under the name of “NJ Lions Charitable Foundation” or formed a new organization under the name of “NJ Lions Charitable Foundation”.  Whatever the motivation, the unauthorized use of the name “NJ Lions Charitable Foundation” is improper.

While you are free to support any organization you wish, it is recommended that your club not send any checks to the “NJ Lions Charitable Foundation” until further notified by the Council of Governors.

Please note that no organization should use the word “Lions” in it’s name (other than in a name of a Lions Club) unless approved by a Council of Governors.

Please contact me, or our State Legal Chair, PCC Jeff Gans, if you have any questions or comments .

Yours in Lionism,

Lion Albert

Albert J. Olizi, Jr., Chairman
Council of Governors