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Lions Hope for Haiti

Lions Hope for Haiti

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Lions Hope for Haiti has mobilized more than US$4.3 million to date. Lions Hope for Haiti is Lions and LCIF working together to provide relief and hope for the people of Haiti. Lions around the world are responding generously and quickly to the LCIF designated fund for this disaster.

More than 3,000 people are being sheltered in three tent cities in Delmas, Blanchard and Carrefour-Feuille that Haitian Lions have established. Lions of Sweden provided 200 tents to establish the tent cities, and an additional 240 tents are being provided with support from LCIF to double the number of people being helped. Lions are focusing their immediate relief efforts to these tent cities and are now working to provide sanitation, kitchens and health clinics.

LCIF is leveraging Lions’ donations through collaboration with other NGOs and corporations providing relief. To further relief efforts in Haiti, LCIF is reaching out to organizations in both Haiti and around the world. The International Organization of Migration has offered to provide supplies and assistance to Lions camps. LCIF is also partnering with the shipping company, Maersk, and the World Food Program, to ship tents donated by Lions of Sweden and food donated by the World Food Program, to Haiti free of charge. Additionally, the Foundation is in final discussions to partner with USAID and Catholic Relief Services.

LCIF Chairperson Al Brandel and Dr. Maureen Murphy visited the area February 24 to meet with other NGOs and local leaders to leverage efforts and funds in partnership with other groups. They also visited the tent cities to assess additional needs and further develop the long-term plans with local Lions. This is the second trip to the area, and a return trip is planned for May.

The Lions of Haiti have formed a committee of Lions leaders for Haiti, Dominican Republic and neighboring countries to oversee the reconstruction efforts. Initial reports from the Lions of Haiti for long-term reconstruction focus on building a school and an ophthalmic clinic. This is similar to what Lions have been done for reconstruction following other catastrophes. Details will be finalized in the coming days, as Lions are currently focused on immediate needs.

Lions around the world are also assisting through generous contributions and other aid. The needs remain great, however. View a video message from Haitian Lion William Eliacin on the needs and Lions’ response.

Like other previous disasters, LCIF is not only committed to meeting the immediate needs of the people, but will be working through the Lions in the region to provide relief for years to come. As an example, LCIF is still helping those in South Asia recover from the tsunami, Gulf States recover from Hurricane Katrina and China to rebuild following the earthquake. After other relief organizations have moved out of the area, Lions will still be on the ground, overseeing long-term reconstruction projects.

Similar to other disasters, Lions hope to rebuild homes and hospitals, redevelop the eye care delivery system, human resource support and provide help for disabled, including those disabled as a result of this disaster.

Those wishing to offer additional assistance in other forms than monetary donations, may post their offers of assistance or other available resources on the Lions 2 Lions Web page.

Donations can be made in confidence to LCIF, as 100 percent of every donation will directly to Haiti relief, as administrative costs are paid by interest earned on investments. LCIF just recently received a four-star rating from Charity Navigator, the highest rating possible from the independent charity evaluator. In 2007 LCIF was named the #1 non-governmental organization to partner with, a title our Foundation still holds today. Our Foundation has been added to several lists of reputable organizations assisting the area.

Please continue to check back regularly for updates. View photos of Lions relief efforts on Flickr.

Donors can:

  • Donate online at Select Disaster and include “LCIF Haiti Earthquake Relief” in the comments section.
  • Make a credit card donation with a MasterCard, Visa or American Express. Fax the following information to LCIF: name, address, phone number, credit card type, credit card number, expiration date, and amount of the donation. If you are a Lions member, please provide your clubs information. LCIF’s fax number is (630) 571-5735.
  • Mail LCIF a U.S. dollar check drawn on a U.S. financial institution. Make the check payable to Lions Clubs International Foundation, noting “LCIF Haiti Earthquake Relief” in the memo. Please send the check to LCIF, 300 W. 22nd St., Oak Brook, IL 60523, USA, Attn.: Donor Services.
  • Make a direct deposit of local currency into an existing LCI account. Send a copy to LCIF via fax to (630) 571-5735.

For questions, please contact LCIF at or (630) 203-3836. Board policy states that designated funds are not eligible for Melvin Jones Fellowship credit.Donors wishing to receive Melvin Jones Fellowship credit may wish to consider instead making a donation to the LCIF general fund. Un-designated donations for MJFs and PMJFs make up as much as 80 percent of the donations to the Foundation’s general fund, which supports standard grants, emergency grants and major catastrophe grants.

Donations from U.S. residents are tax deductible. Donations from residents of other countries are tax deductible as permitted by the individual’s country tax laws.


Lions Clubs International Foundation is the charitable arm of Lions Clubs International. Established in 1968, LCIF is committed to providing humanitarian services to those in need, including providing disaster relief, saving sight, supporting youth and combating disability. Each year, LCIF typically awards US$2 million in emergency grant relief funding. Learn more at