Wednesday, January 24, 2018
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Camp Marcella’s Season of Success!!

Camp Marcella’s Season of Success!!

Another season of success has come to an end at Camp Marcella but the sounds of music, laughter and just plain fun still echo throughout the campsite! Since 1947 blind and visually impaired children- many with additional emotional and  physical challenges-have attended summer sessions at the camp. Fifty-seven blind and visually impaired, multiple-challenged campers attended camp during the first two weeks of August in addition to 150 plus special needs campers who attended sessions in July!

campmarcella2011-2Campers ages 6 through 19 were among the 57 who attended this years’ sessions for the blind and visually impaired that included, but not limited to, activities in music, arts and crafts, hiking, swimming and sports. Most importantly, the new campers who attend gain skills in independence and self-confidence while the returning campers continue to  enhance the skills previously learned.

Anyone, in addition to the camper parents, who has attended the camp fire at the end of each session can attest to the success of each child’s experience at camp! The campers hugging and congratulating each other as they are awarded recognitions by their counselors for various achievements-the overall camaraderie during this event-all attest to the  excellent time they have shared together! A special thanks to the Camp Director, Phil Cocilovo and the counselors and  staff for all of their efforts in making each experience a memorable one!

In addition to a number of new campers attending this years’ sessions we also had former campers returning – renewing old friendships and forming new ones! And this is what Camp Marcella is all about!!

We would like to thank the Lions of Mt. Olive, Randolph and Ridgefield Park who did an outstanding job in providingcampmarcella2011-4 barbecues that were much-enjoyed by the campers! We would also like to thank those Lions Clubs as well as private donors that provided funding for camperships for those children who are in need of financial assistance in order to attend.

As we begin preparations for next years’ season we again ask that ALL LIONS help us to increase our numbers by seeking blind and visually impaired children in and outside of your communities! Help us to spread the word to the other 1200 children that we know are out there who are not aware that Camp Marcella is still open and very much alive!!