Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Berlin Lions Award Melvin Jones Fellowships

As we all vividly remember, Superstorm “Sandy” hit our Jersey shore, & shattered the lives & homes of many folks in October of 2012.  Within hours, LCIF started sending assistance to the affected areas, which included District 16C, as well as other shoreline districts in NJ & NY.  The Berlin Club of 16C donated $2,000 to LCIF at this time & was able to get credit towards not one, but TWO, Melvin Jones fellowships.  Truly a win/win situation for MD16 & the Berlin Club!!!


Just one year later, at the October 2013 dinner meeting of the Berlin Lions Club, the two Melvin Jones fellowships were awarded to two well deserving club members.  A much larger than usual crowd joined the celebration to applaud these members, both of whom have had their share of health issues in recent years.  Both were born in the 1930’s decade.


Past King Lion Frank Power has been a Berlin Lion since 1998 & served as President from 2004-2005.  A grandfather of six, Lion Frank continues even today as club chaplain, having been very actively involved in so many past club activities.  His wife, Lion Marie, remains very active now.


Lion Bob Behnke has been a Lion twice over. He joined the Berlin Club in 1954 & held many offices.  He left the club in 1977, only to rejoin in 2003.  He also has worn many hats within the club. Bob, raised in Berlin, has remained within the community all of his life, & has raised a large service oriented family.  Bob’s wife, Joan, while not an official member, has supported the club in so many ways that she is considered to be an “unofficial” Lion.


The Lions organization, in general, has greatly benefitted from the long time positive activities of these two Melvin Jones Fellows!  Congratulations to all!!!