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“A Celebration of Partnership & Progress”

Fund for the New Jersey Blind, Inc.
“A Celebration of Partnership & Progress”
Resource Fair & Awards Luncheon
In Honor of
The 100th Anniversary
A Division of the State Department of Human Services

The Fund for the NJ Blind, Inc. and the other sponsors of A Celebration of Partnership and Progress will recognize individuals, agencies, family members, groups and buisnesses in New Jersey for achievements by and for individuals who are visually impaired. The deadline for nominations is August 2nd, 2010.

The Awards Program and Luncheon will be held on Wednesday, October 27th, 2010 during NJ Blindness Awareness Month  at the Woodbridge Hilton in Iselin, NJ. The nominations will be reviewed by a committee and the awardees will receive notification during the month of  September.

The following award categories have been developed to recognize the exceptional contributions of New Jersey residents with visual impairments and to acknowledge individuals, organizations and/or businesses who have supported the mission of the NJ Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired and the people it is mandated to serve.



1.         Josephine Taylor Award –  An education professional who, through exceptional effort both in and outside of the classroom, instills in others a positive attitude and acceptance of persons who are visually impaired, and promotes inclusive education best practices.  This person must provide services to students living in New Jersey who attend any public or private program from pre-school to post secondary.

2.         George F. Meyer Award – A New Jersey student with a visual impairment who attends either a public or private grade school, high school, or college who is an exceptional role model not only for students with disabilities, but for all students. The nominee should be someone who excels academically and engenders a positive attitude not only for himself or herself, but also for other students with disabilities, and for his or her school.

Diana Cuthbertson Award – A parent, grandparent, or guardian who has advocated on behalf  their child in such a way as to bring attention to the need for appropriate and quality education for all children with visual impairments and whose efforts have effected positive change to the benefit of individuals with visual impairment overall.


4.         Irving Kruger Award –  A full or part-time employee with a visual impairment who applied themselves to the vocational rehabilitation process, made a positive adjusment to their visual impairment, is now fully integrated into the workforce, and has maintained employment for 12 months or more.
5.         Jamie Hilton Award – An organization, business or individual that promotes awareness of the abilities of people with visual impairment, ADA accommodations (including assistive technology), and employment opportunities for qualified individuals with disabilities.
6.         Norma Krajczar Award – An organization or  individual who works with (training, counseling and/or mentoring) or advocates for New Jersey residents with a visual impairment who has done an outstanding job of facilitating the entry of qualified individuals with disabilities into the workforce; and/or enhanced public understanding of the importance of people with disabilities in the workforce.
Independent Living
7.         Caroline Foster Independent Living  Award – An individual with a visual impairment who has excelled in improving his/her life; successfully utilizes independent living skills in all aspects of community life; and whose self-advocacy is instrumental in enabling  them to maintain a satisfying standard of living.
8.         Lydia Young Hayes Trailblazer Award –  An individual with a visual impairment who is recognized for having  dedicated their life’s work to improving the quality of life for people with visual impairments  through efforts to ensure others receive the necessary supports and services to enable independence, self-sufficiency and community access.
9.         Joseph Kohn Leadership Award – An individual with a visual impairment who promotes awareness of issues;  endeavors to instill a positive attitude and acceptance of persons with visual impairment; provides encouragement and support to others; presents a positive image of  the visually impaired community; has conducted/participated in activities addressing disability issues at the community, regional, and/or national level and has proactively effected positive change to the benefit of individuals with visual impairments.
Partnership for Progress
10.       *Nathan Rogoff Humanitarian Award – An organization or individual that has a history of devoted benevolent and humanitarian service to the community at-large including people with visual impairment.
*Organizations, agencies, or businesses that receive state and/or federal funding and whose function is to provide human services to persons with disabilities are not eligible. (Including employees of same)
11.       NJ Believe & Achieve Award –  An elected public official representing New Jersey constituents who has shown an awareness of the needs of individuals with with visual impairment through legislation and/or constituent services.
12.       Chairperson’s Award – Do you know of any individual, business, or organization that epitomizes the spirit of “Partnership and Progress”, or has made special contributions to enhancing the quality of life for individuals with visual impairments, but just doesn’t seem to fit into any of the above categories?  If so, please use this category to tell us, so we can consider them for the Chairperson’s Award.
For the purpose of these awards, the following definition applies:

VISUALLY IMPAIRED means a medically verified visual impairment establishing a visual acuity of 20/70 or less in the better eye with the best conventional correction and/or  visual field of 20 degrees or less.

To assure that all nominations are considered equally please use the attached form. Completed nominations may be typed or legibly printed and should not exceed four (4) pages per submission in total, including Nomination Form and all supporting materials.

Please submit your nomination(s) to:

Pamela Gaston
NJCBVI 100th Anniversary
P.O. Box 47107
Newark, NJ 07101- 47017

You may also e-mail your nomination(s) to:

Or Fax to: 973-648-2043 (Attn: Pam Gaston)

Thank you for your interest in recognizing the success and achievements of your nominee(s).

If you have any questions, please contact Pamela Gaston at 973-648-6149.

*** Award recipients will be notified in September 2010***